Reasons Every Parent Should Be Aware of Instagram

Most teens are using Instagram to get Instagram followers. But, just like any other social media platform, there are some dangers that parents should be aware of. It is important for parents to know as much about Instagram as possible, especially if they want to keep their children safe from Internet criminals. Here are some of the most essential reasons why parents should be aware of Instagram and the dangers about children using Instagram.

When sharing a photo

The one thing that children don’t really consider is how fast a photo can travel on Instagram. They only think to get Instagram followers, and not always consider the consequences of posting a photo that can cause harm.

Even if they are removing the photo from Instagram, someone might have shared the photo already and it can’t be completely removed. It will be on Instagram forever. Children need to know that posting on Instagram is going to keep that photo online forever.

Private information

Instagram is trying to keep the private information about their users safe, but no matter how hard they are trying, this isn’t guaranteed. There is always the chance that people can get hold of some important information that can cause some serious harm.

Even if they just want to get Instagram likes, the change of personal information getting leak is really high on any social media platform. The moment that any information is leaked, it can never be taken back again, and it will never be private again.

Don’t see the difference between real friends and online friends

The problem for parents is that their children that are using social media platforms don’t really know the difference between real friends and online friends. And, that it can be really dangerous to give personal detail to online friends.

They don’t know that with real friends you can trust them with secrets, but with online friends, they don’t just get Instagram likes, but can increase it by posting something that you said to them in confidentiality, causing some serious problems for the child.  If you are letting your children on social media, you need to make sure that they know the difference between real friends and online friends.

It can become really additive

We as parents are always worried that our children getting addictive to stuff. Now, there is another new threat for addiction. Instagram and looking to get Instagram followers can get really addictive, seriously addictive.

They will start posting anything, just to get the likes and followers that they want to have. And nothing is stopping them, and nothing is keeping them away from social media platforms like Instagram.

Before you as a parent is giving your child permission to use Instagram, you need to be aware of the dangers that your child can be in with this type of social media platform. In fact, most social media platforms have the same amount of danger. These are just the most important reasons why parents need to know about these dangers of using Instagram and wanting to get Instagram followers.


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